The Purple Onion Cafe in Los Gatos California Cateting and meals menu

White Tablecloth Standard + Warm Casual Environment = Purple Onion Cafe

We are a local shop that does things the right way.  You may assume Purple Onion Cafe is a coffee shop that happens to serve food, when in fact we are a food shop that serves great coffee.

Stop by the Purple Onion Cafe and taste the difference in our food.  We custom make everything in our kitchens…100% of the time…by chefs who 100% love food.

Our ingredients are always fresh.  Our cafes are always clean.  Our food is always tasty.

If it’s local, it’s going to be fresher. If it’s seasonal, it’s going to be tastier. And when it’s all put skillfully together, it’s going to be special. Guaranteed.

We remember our mothers, cooking what they picked in the summer, baking apples in the fall. Our grandmothers, rolling out fresh dough for pasta and filo, roasting fresh chicken, making real lemonade and aromatic black coffee.

It’s not just food, it’s life and memories. It’s how we’ll make you smile. And it’s why you’ll keep coming back, again and again, to enjoy meals, libations and coffee here with friends.

Purple Onion Cafe has catered for some of South Bays most prestigious companies; Apple, KPMG, Hillbrook School, Taste of Los Gatos. Voted Best Sandwich and Best Caterer in the Los Gatos Weekly.